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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

egg : New Gen Forum

Okay in a change in style, this time I translated an article from egg. I'm not planning on making a habit of this and this was kinda rough but I thought I'd give it a try.

Translation egg August 2012 issue

New Gen Forum (Nemoyayo and Many aft Kiyomin, Kanapaso and Serikamacho)

Seri: Hi hi!!!!! Okay first off, what kind of girl would you say an “awesome gal” is exactly?

Ma: Oh, you kinda jumped in there with a bit of a deep question there haha

Nemo: Hmm, someone that can do “seikei make”? haha (NOTE: the “seikei” in “seikei make” means plastic surgery so “seikei make” is basically face transforming make-up such as contouring)

Kana: There’s a lot of girls out there that live for their make-up aren’t there.

Kiyo: But recently there’re also a lot of girls doing more natural make-up right?

Ma: I want to say “They aren’t gal” but even though we say “gal”, girls into Harajuku style and such are increasing too. There’re loads of girls now that aren’t tanned aren’t there. It used to be that if your skin was tanned you were gal pretty much.

Kana: Speaking of which, you two (Manya and Nemo) aren’t that tanned are you.

Nemo: I’m the type of person who gets tan when it turns to summer anyway so it feels like I tan I guess.

 Ma: To be honest, I’m not tanned right now so I feel embarrassed to call myself gal. When everyone is tanned and there aren’t many pale girls around I feel like I have to go tan quickly. 

Kiyo: Really? I’m a bit surprised.

Ma: But it’s different now right? Gal has evolved and widened hasn’t it?

Nemo: I personally think that in regards to gal when it’s summer you shouldn’t worry if you get tanned but now there are a lot of girls that don’t for beauty.

Seri: I see. So It’s more like a feeling of doing what you want without worrying then?

Nemo: Yeah. Gals are flashier than normal girls. We’re probably thought of as scary but we do what we want.

Kana: Of course. Like not caring about stuff like school regulations haha. I can’t stand repressed people with no personality.

Ma: It’s the same with fashion. If you walk down the street dressed all flashy of course you’ll get stares but we are who we are so that’s fine. It’s good to show some skin too. Were only young once so I think it’s important to do what we want.

Kiyo: I think so too. Right, so is there anything you think we should do now since it’s summer.

Ma: Basically just play haha

Nemo: What she said haha

Seri: In that case, stuff like going to the beach right?

Nemo: We’ll probably get nampa-ed or get dirty looks or something

Kiyo: I don’t want that!

Ma: But, for me, we’re young and even if something bad happens once, getting to meet loads of different people is interesting. A self-conscious gal isn’t a gal.

Seri: Ah, you don’t go to get nampa-ed right, you go to meet people. I wanna BBQ with everyone.

Ma: Yeah, you do the stuff you want one after another and even if you make a fool of yourself it just becomes a funny story later on haha. Stuff like taking photos in silly poses, messing around until the early hours and coming home all worn-out is the best.

Kana: Eehh, I’ve started to get that summery feeling 

Nemo: So, why don’t we teach you our way of having fun in the sun?

Seri: Sound interesting. I’ll follow you two (Manya and Nemoyayo)

Ma: Right, more than anything lets have fun! Having fun doing what you want in life is what it is to be gal. Let’s play!!

All: Yay!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Romihi: white chocolate

As expected this chocolate is popular right!

I love chocolate but

I like white chocolate the most
The chocolate in the photo? I've not seen it around lately but yesterday it was on sale in the convenience store so I ended up buying it despite myself.

Next time I'll introduce even more tasty chocolate recommendations

I went out shopping this afternoon but

there weren't any swim suits I liked.
It's basically all cute prints.

There are loads of swim suits I wouldn't want to wear so
This year I'm not buying anything until I think "This is it!"

I want to go abroad~

A yukata date would be nice too!

The end

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