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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Super hyped and today's outfit

Good eveniiiiiiiing


I had another talk show for the film

"men's egg drummers"

Thank you everyone for there hard work today as well.

Thank you everyone that came along too.



I get a short break tomorrow!!!!!

I get to go to Enoshima where I've wanted to go for awhile

Finally the sea!

The sea!

T.H.E S.E.A!!!!!

I'm so super hyped up!!!


So awhile ago I went to Lip Service and Mijeen to buy a swimsuit

My friend from high school was working and I got to meet her for the first time in ages which was a bit emotional

Besides that my outfits were super moe too

I bought a bag so that will be the one I pack tomorrow.

At the moment I'm preparing for tomorrow and I'm going for a 40 minute tan at SOLE

My outfit:

Of course I'm wearing my cocolulu shorts that are in heavy rotation at the moment since I like the shape

The hat was 2000 yen from H&M

(I omitted some details about prices and times and the tanning salon SOLE here)


I sang it for the first time!!

It was lots of fun to dance with everyone. lol

What are you guys singing?

MB Tsubasa

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The jist of today's posts

Okay I've been a bit lazy with the blog lately since I have a lot of stuff to sort out with going Japan and stuff so this post I'm just gonna try something different. I'm just gonna give the kist of the blog posts. Sorry if that's no good. 


She's added another handshake event to the schedule as fans requested her to. It's at SBY in 109 on the 22nd of July from 10am -2 pm for 500 people

Also a reminder that her CD comes out tomorrow


She wants to know if you guys watched Galten (you should do it's funny). She also talks about her new
chrome hearts glasses For about 5 years she's been wearing Prada ones and she really wanted these ones. She wears them for long distances.


Romihi talked about Marble Collection (a fashion show she did with the Galten girls) and posted a lot of pictures of it. Apparently the clothes are from JSG. She says the ribbon at the back is cute. Her makeup for the show was quite strong..but then again it's always strong lol She says she loves being flashy.

I will keep doing it the other way to guys. Just when I'm short on time this is easier and you still get to know what's up with their lives ^^

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Melodix song recording☆ MilkyBunny site is open!

Milky Bunny

I did the Melodix song recording and talk

The waiting room had been transformed into a MilkyBunny room


This room full of ears is too cute!!!

On this day the MilkBoys also had ears on

Cute right?

They suit everyone


This is Takamichi-kun who can chat at his best even wearing bunny ears

I don't know what he's talking about though

I also talked to Minamikyan-chan

We danced the BunnyDays furi together so everyone please memorise it

Please may you all support MilkyBunny too lol

Thank you so much

O.A is on

23rd July

On this month's Melodix
Tokyo Television
Late night 3.15

This MilkyBunny outfit was all monotone

The often asked about ears and apron are stylish and handmade

The gloves that show off my nails are a remake product (like DIY)

I have so much love for this outfit

The pumps are from R&E

The outfit's cute right?

You can come across cute things on Pigg too

Ah! And,

I made a pigg yesterday
I'm really pleased the MilkyBunny plaza is shown as full up too

Thank you!

Stylish people should try coming to play. lol

MilkyBunny will be appearing on Pigg more and more

Look forward to it



Finally, the MilkyBunny official site has opened

The URL is

PC > MilkyBunny Official Site PC
Mobile phone > MilkyBunny Official Site Keitai

You can find out the latest MilkyBunny infromation and details on handshake events so you should definately bookmark it!


It's only a week till the 20th!!!

MB Tsubasa

Thursday, 7 July 2011



Today was the photo shoot for GLiA's advertising. The next release date has been decided.

It's been difficult
being gal and settling in lol

But it' been fun doing something I like and want to do.
I've still not been cured of my fighting spirit!! lol
But it's summer! I wanna be laaaaaaaazy

Right now,
I'm suer super hungry!
I wonder what I'll eat tonight. I'm excited

I got to tlk to an ANAP fan so
I was happy they showed their love.
I can't help but being happy and I don't think them saying that they really liked it was a lie.


Okay now it's a shot of me


Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Mr Pino

Pic from Tsubasa blog since you can't take pics from Kumicky's ¬ ¬

It's always the almond ones that
run out first

I think it's a shame that they're the one with the fewest lol

That being said they're so tasty right
Mt Pino

Monday, 4 July 2011

Ice Time

While waiting for MilkyBunny's turn

I had a Chocomint ice cream

But I've already finished eating it

I love ice cream

What flavours do you guys like?


Order the MilkyBunny BunnyDays CD here

Arriving for sale at


Recochoku is here is here

MB Tsubasa

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Me a year ago

My hair was super short

Oh. My lashes wear Dollywink no.3's

However, it seems my basic make-up hasn't changed from last year.

Because it was summer my cheeks had an orangey suntan.

By the way, ISM's Kitsuda Jun was responsible

So of course they wanted it short.

It's nostalgic seeing this for for the first time in ages.

MB Tsubasa

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Heavenly Item


Yabai! I'm in the middle of an egg photo shoot but even so

My heavenly item has gone on sale!!!!

I'm not even lying, I did think it was heavenly after trying it!

It's this:

The mascara that has come out from Diamond Lash

I've tried a lot
but I've given this the all clear
it gives the feeling you expect it to.

It'll be covered in more detail in next months egg
Look forward to it

Summer's really started
and I've got this awesome item

Aaaan. Even though I've already eaten two crème puffs I still want to eat *tear*

I'm going for a date with Kanako now


Friday, 1 July 2011


Today's the day egg goes on sale

Summer = Gyaru!

Gyaru = egg

Take a look!

This way......


I went to Yomiuri land for a photoshoot


The pool was nice but
the amusement park wore me out

I tried my best with everything

Everyone was awesome

Yakisoba is the best at summer time

Today I super felt like bbq
It was awesome

But gyaru make-up in summer is like some kind of punishment game lol

I'm tired but it was fun


Candy Magic has come out


It's Sakurina

Today I have some happy news for everyone

Finally, finally....!!!

The colour contacts I produce through candy magic

are now on sale in 3 variations

On top of that there's an adult style King series

on sale in Brown, Grey and Black

Because I received so many comments from everyone

saying they wanted me to quickly make King varieties

I'm happy that they're finally on sale

With these, even if you have poor eyesight you can wear King contact lenses

I'm also wearing Candy Magic today

As expected these ones suit me best

People that want them can buy them from here

From here

Also they from next month they will go on sale

at all Donkis

Try going to your closest Doki!

Oh and I was wondering about going to Camelot with Sayaka soon

Big thank you for reading my blog today!!
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