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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The other side of the Patly advertisement photoshoot

I'm home! I've attached the photo's from the behind the scenes of the ongoing Palty photoshoots

The new CM is the renewal of Palty's Foam Pack Hair Colour.

I'm appearing with such mature stars as K-Pop idols KARA

However, we shot out photo's on separate days so we couldn't meet (>.<)


Feeling like this I did my photoshoot alone

The outfit is from Rojita, the same as on the package

Fixing my make-up and outfit

Considering this like the angle of the foam's look, the speed of turning, and facial movements made this quite a sensitive job,

Now perform!

I wonder if this scene in the CM has been seen?

We also shot a version with a cape

And finally we shot putting the foam on my head, which went without a hitch!

For the final hair and make-up my hair was washed for me by KITAchan

I was floating lol

The original beautician KITAchan!

He was skilled at shampooing lol

Ahhh, refreshing

Thank you so much everyone!

The one enjoying colouring your hair at home will be YOU!
Definitely have fun creating spring looks with the Palty foam pack series.

It's light and airy right?

People who haven't seen the CM yet can watch online


Watch the Palty CM on your PC from here

From today it's April

Is it only me that's excited?



New Hair & New Nails

Today after the Gyaru Heaven recording I did an SBY photoshoot

Because of a mix up I ended up meeting Yukuasa and Mi-chan

Super cute!

With RuiRui

In the poster we all had flowers stuck on our heads

Today I wore my new hair up and had new nails.

I'm still improving right


Monday, 14 March 2011

It's important to smile

I'm scared everyday wondering
when the next earthquake will be but...

Today I have to stand up to the reality occurring and  look forwards right.

By receiving everyone's courage I can being to look forwards

Tomorrow more than today
The day after tomorrow more than that

Even if it's just a little bit

Smiling faces will increase

So starting with me (*^^*)

Once again night has fallen on today but tomorrow the day will also arrive again.

Everyone let's try our best.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Translators note

These translations are even more rough than usual. I figured because of the earthquake people would want to know how it is in Japan so I rushed them out.

Also I haven't been translating as often because I've been really busy with uni and have had no time to translate for pleasure >.<

Hope everyone is well and thank you for reading as always

Blackout preparation

All these continuing aftershocks and worried chainmails...

ther's nothing that can be done.

For now, I've returned from finishing the

food reserves and torches in case of power outage.

It was amazing how the bread ran out right.

I watched the press conference but in the end I'm thinking what should I do?

It's good to be safe isn't it?

Of course things like disaster too but, man made dangers are particularly scary for girls so

try not to go outside alone.

Do thing like fill the bath tub with water for when reserves run out.

Just in case, don't go out in bare feet or slippers

Try not to go out in thick shoes with no heels...

Also consider there might be a time when you can't use your mobile phones and

prepare a meeting point in advance right.

There are many things to be unsure of.

Truly how many times have I been saved by receiving comments.

Clearly it's better to connect with people and not be alone I think, and my feelings have been eased.

Thank you very much.

We can do it!

Watching the TV the devastation is truly great...

We can do nothing but prey that

we can make it through but...

at any rate we currently have a blackout...

As much as possible, turn of the air conditioning, warm up with blankets, survive with only the TV's light and so on

Everyone work together,

People who are in misfortune reading this blog, please ganbatte (I usually translate this as 'work hard' but it's just not the right nuance right now)

We can do nothing but support but

let's work hard to do whatever we can for the vicitms of this misfortune!!!!

Tomorrow's Kyocera event cancellation notice

A notice,

Tomorrow Kyocera event has been cancelled due to the effect of the earthquake

It's truly unfortunate but cancelling tomorrow was judged to be the most appropriate thing to do.

I count on your understanding

Please see more details here

Event Cancellation Notice

I'm really sorry to those people looking forward to it.

We'll meet another time.

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