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Saturday, 29 January 2011

EggNam Event

The EggNam Event just ended

The members were...

Romihi, Kanako, Yumachi, Aina and Nemoyayo

I truely thank everyone who came!

At the end we came across this husband and wife

I met Misaki-chan for the first time in a while

I want to go to Disney again.

Gotta go to another photoshoot now.

Thats 3 I've had today



I did a photoshoot for the new cosmetic products of Candydoll

the cosmetics brand I produce.

We took a lot of photos but...

you want to see?

Rion-kun was with me too

Until now it's been a bit hectic so,

supposing you want to see them

i'll post them tonight.

Photos like this...

to photos like this

One bit of info on the new products is that they're quite varied.

You gonna see?


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Right now I don't wanna hear that phrase "How old are you?" lol

Today I did a photoshoot for SBY's products.

This bear knit hat is moe!

Woot! (*/□\*)

It wa sin the sale so I had to get it

After I got my tongue piercing back!

As expected I love my tongue piercing.

No matter how old I become I'll wear it


With Rechi

How old am I

In 2 more hours I'll be 21!




Sunday, 16 January 2011

With Momoeri


It's Sakurina

It's true

All of it

I forgot!

My look from when me
and Moery had an event in Okinawa.

Because I hadn't seen Moery in ages it was fun

When we met up we had loads of stories to tell so we went to a place away form our managers

We were very sneaky and had Girl's talk.

Thankfully lots of guests came so I was super happy.

I really liked Okinawa so I want to visit again.

So, today I had two business meetings from the afternoon.

The evening meeting was dinner as well so

I had to drink a bit

Of course I wore a jacket once I went out.

And, I returned now and tomorrow I have a photo-shoot in Osaka

I think I'll sleep for just a bit.

In my next blog I'll do Big Up Comments

Ah, I still don't know the feeling of having wisdom teeth (this is a pun)

My gums are swelling up as they like

But, in the dentist's experience he's never has anything like it so

honestly I'm quite nervous.

So, I'll just take a quick bath.

Thanks for reading my blog today

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

3 muskateers

After eating shabu shabu I went bowling for exercise.(^O^)/

I lost

Ryou-kun, Ryuutaro and I are 3 really close friends

Even though it's two guys they aren't flashy.

Well, Tomorrow I go to New York

Sleep! Alcohol! New Year lol


Because it's New Year I dressed up


After waking up I drank alcohol in a warm room so I feel asleep again >.<


I'm a seriously hopeless human being

I ate New Year food

This much New Year food was delicious of course.

So much so I thought my father would come into the living room.

Good snacks with alcohol right?

I was merry

then my mother went out to the local izakaya


It's like our family only spends money on alcohol

The only upright one is my older brother


My mum didn't come back home for ages so I assumed she was running away from home. I went to bed.

harsh (lol)

She came back late at night.

I have work from tomorrow

I'll work hard

Akan got a candid shot of me reading an old egg


baichi ーー♪

I'm happy

I'm having warm vegetables

Eating shabe shabu makes me really happy.

Monday, 3 January 2011


Hey guys, at the moment I'm just translating whatever I feel like really but if there's anyone in particular people would like me to translate just drop it in the cbox or whatever ^^

Max Color


A message from Max Color

Max Color super big campain

Try looking before the site limit on the 31st January!


Set 1: 5980 yen --->4980 yen
Calender featuring the models of this series included

2 colour set: 11960 yen ---> 7980 yen
3 colour set: 17940 yen ---> 10000 yen
With either the two colour of 3 colour set you get Aya, Kanako, Rui-Rui and my calendar included

More in-depth detail on the site so take a look!

All the calenders are really good and there's a nice feeling!
Use it use it!

By the way, mine:

Home page: Max Color

Our calenders are the best for 2011! lol


Outfit 1.3…♪


Chiffon shirt : INGNI
Skirt : SLY
Cardigan : Amaranda
Pumps : R&E


The thing is in 5 days I'll be going to have fun in New York for a week (・∀・)ノ

New York is like Tokyo 3 years ago and I really want to go there.

So I'm looking forward to it so much. I'm excited.(*^^*)

I have already bought a New York guide book

I got a various encouragement to go to New York (^人^)

People that have been recommended good places to go to me (*´∀`)

For Ranzuki I went to London before but please looks forward to photos from my New York trip.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A HAPPY NEW YEAR - - - ☆★☆

Happy New Year

It's Sakurina.

So auspicious (I think.....who can tell with this girl ¬¬)

Once again here's an offshoot from the New Year kimono shoot for ageha


Though I said kimono photoshoot this was what was prepared.

I was in a bit of a hurry but it's a lot easier to put on than a kimono.

It has the feeling of a wedding dress.

It's so cute I thought it might be nice to wear something like it at my real wedding ceremony.

Well then, The New year, New year's gift quiz!!!!!

This times nails has 9 nails the same.

Only 1 has a different design.

Which finger is it?

1) The little finger of the right hand
2) The ring finger of the left hand
3) The index finger of the right hand
4) The middle finger of the left hand
5) The ring finger of the right hand

Answer with the number.

I'll pick comments from 5 people among those who got it right so choose for me.

People who were ill last year, get better this year! People who were well last year have an even better year this year.

Everyone try to have an awesome year!

A big thank you today too to everyone who looked at my blog

Evening meal

Today I cooked for myself

The menu was, cool salad, miso soup, and takoyaki.

I got full quickly.

And, I ate cake too

Aya's happy!
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