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Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Bear Pure Berry

The title has a lot of katakana, is it hard to read?



The ' Pure Berry' that was produced by me limited to April won't be on  sale much longer

I was happy to hear from the shop staff at SBY that people that seem like they love to criticise said "It's cute" and bought it.

I've loved ice cream for ages so it was been a dream of mine to produce my own.

It's only for 5 more days but if you want to, go hang out at SBY and try eating 'Happy Bear Pure Berry' please.

On my next day off I plan to go eat it.

And, today I took photos

Everyone keep working hard

Friday, 22 April 2011


Kuuman visited yesterday's Gyaru heaven
He's come to play before that but does everyone remember Kuuman's catch phrase?

He adds "debu" to the end of every word!


These Kuuman plushies can change their outfit-debu

The outfits have two varieties so people that like them try getting them.

Other than that, 'Kuuman' has a mobile site-debu
It has lots of Kuuman's comments and awaited photos. Besides that there are are loads of games and fortune tellers and such fun things.

If you're interested, look here...


The End

With Buramayo. Outfit

Yesterday I was filming

with the MC Buramayo:

We look all off each doing rock, paper, scissors lol

Another one

bara bara lol

I was able to make friends with Buramayo on another regular show we did together.

He's a really interesting good older brother (they're not actually related)

I definitely want to eat with Buramayo, NONSTYLE and Zekiyama again. lol

It's broadcast in May so I'll post about it again nearer the time!

Ah dishevelled manager!

And my outfit that day

T-shirt - Emoda

Necklace - Vivian

Jacket - Closet Child (a resale shop in Harajuku)

Socks - S-leg (My brand)

Pumps - REZOY

The rest are the stylist's things

We talked about scary women and when it came to Kosugi-san I mumbled and so on

I'm looking forward to scary women from all over the world coming out.

Scary women...


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Puri with Shizuka


It's Sakurina

Today I only had business meetings so

in the evening when I got home I relaxed

Or rather, before I knew it I was asleep at about 3 lol

I'm glad I took my makeup off as soon as I came home.

I hear sleeping with your makeup still on is the worst for your skin

Ah, the puri from when I went shopping with Shizuka the other day

It seems it's always Shizuka I play with in Shibuya

The pattern is always: shop at 109, eat dinner, say goodbye.

By the way this month  have no more photoshoots so I can't see Shizuka for awhile


Ah but next month's issue of Ageha is coming out

The contents are still a secret but...

Previously, this month's issue's first page's had a phone picture but

It was too much of a close up on the face and the outfit and hair weren't photographed at all but

actually, everyone I wore a goth chick outfit

The face looks like Babu chan and

I have a ribbon tied at my throat but

none of theis was

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

eye make

I drew on my lower liner so,
it looks a bit stronger than usual

I'm going for a circular eye shape and this is without false eyelashes or eyeliner in the upper corners

The eyeshadow is Dollywink's brown cream shade put under my eye.

There's no shadow above

For the eyeliner, the top is pencil followed by liquid

The bottom line is pencil from the corner till about the middle

It's been a long time for me since I drew with eyeliner so I also wasn't really sure lol

I swapped between Dollywink's long and volume mascara's for the top and bottom coats.

Last time I curled my lashed I didn't need it this time

For the finishing touch I put some Candydoll lame on with a thinnish brush

Of course the base was done with Candydoll

The colour contacts are the Almond Angelcolour Bambi's that I produce.

Also the colour contact's license just came through so they'l go on sale soon if you wait a bit

Keep up your maintenance properly and look after them when you use them please.

If you handle them properly you eyesight should be fine

By the way, my eyesight isn't failing

For Spring/Summer I want to try using colour eyeshadow


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The CD I'm listening to a lot lately

A little while ago I received m-flo's cover album

that will go on sale tomorrow

"m-flo TRIBUTE~stitch the future and past~"

Thank you so much!!

I like m-flo so much I often sing their songs at karaoke

I've been listening to this a lot in the car

Lately, I've been singing the song "been so long"
by AILI who also was involved in the
wearetheone donation project

You can listen to it here on youtube

It a very good song so everyone  definitely try listening to it please!

More details are on m-flo's HP
m-flo's Hp

I'll also post AILI's HP

My friend IMALU also sings on this album

Everyone's so cool

By the way, the wearetheone donation project began in January,
Now it's raised 15,792,110 yen in donations! Thank you!

wearetheone donation project

We are currently discussing if we can collect donations in the street too so,

when that's decided I lok forward to everyone helping out

Which m-flo songs does everyone like?

For me as expected it's
one's like "come again",
"let go"
that I sing at karaoke


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Odaiba Event

The Odaiba charity event is finished

Thank you so much everyone that came!!

Today I was just hapy that the fan's whose name's I've remembered came.

As always thank you

And what did I get from such a cute bag as this...


Recently, I've been into Shin ramen's huge versions like this

such a wonderful selection

and this amazing collage

I received other presents, and collages and letters and such.

Thank you everyone!!!!!

Photographed in front of me and Romihi's posters

Now because I have some time I'm gonna go flower viewing



Saturday, 16 April 2011


After I finished the Cocolulu photoshoot I went home with Romi-chan (Romihi)

Cocolulu's press is really good isn't it

The sneakers are really moe

Our big poster

Recently Cocolulu has changed a bit and had a really cute power up!!

Ma-, I'm already tired


Tomorrow I'm going to Odaiba with Romihi to do a charity event

Wait for it!




Thank you for keeping up with my updates from this morning

I was pleased to read your comments

Thank youuuuu

I'm sleepy so, I'll write later ok?

Today, since this morning I lost my wallet >.<

Well that's what I thought but as usually when I got home it was there

As always
it was in the place that makes me say

"Why is it here!?"

Ah...I was relived

happy happy


'Till tomorrow


Friday, 15 April 2011

Stuff I bought

Things I bought recently at 109


I like these!

It seems summer cardigans will get a lot of wear too.


These one-pieces are cute

Dazzlin' is good at cute styles

My hair is dark now but I wonder if it'll go together

I'm nervous

Next up,
For the first time I went to a shop to play
Ank Rouge

It's the brand Okarie-chan made so I wanted to go and play

There was lot's of doll-like things and the one-pieces were cute!

After, from Daikan's Ameaba

matching with Rion

Tsurube likes it too and said "I wonder if I should go and buy some for my grandchild"

After that, skirts

I bought a lot in different colours

Finally, hair accessories

I hear it will suit dark hair too

I'm happy my image change is liked

Thank you!

I wonder if it's popular??

Well, it certainly won't be popular with guys but I'll be happy if girls say they like it!

Thanks always

I also really like it

Spring clothes are fun right?

What style is everyone wearing??


Bicycle day


Today for no reason me and Kanya got up really early and watched that foreign drama the OC

Gossip Girl is also good, foreign drama's are really interesting

Today Shibuya is spinnning so it's my bicycle day.

Today for the the first time in ages I'll my nails done at Rizel

I wonder if for the first time in ages I should get them long------


Your looking forward to it right?


Daddy's meal

The Dad who was totally incapable of using kitchen knives or a stove.

Apparently he's been doing cooking homework and recently is making various meals

Today's was shrimp gratin

It's not just the gratin there, it's with a rushed garlic and egg consommé soup

And boiled pork and leak

which were made by me.

The gratin was super tasty.

Rion also gobbled it down.

Thanks for the meal

It was a bit dubious in places but, lol

Challenging something is a good thing right!

Even if he can only make scallop butter,

what do I do when he can cook better than me? lol

I wonder if everyone has something to challenge this spring??

Me and Rion want to learn English

Someone teach us English

Tsubasa (・x・)
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