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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Today's Hair and Makeup

Today I was going for Barbie style makeup so
I went for a wide eyed eyelash look

On top I have Dollywink mascara, Dollywink No.4 eyelashes

and on the still Tsubasa's work in progress

In April the limited edition eyelashes will go on sale ( No.2, No.6 and the limited eyelash case will be sold as a set for 1290 yen)

Also, Today the Kobe collection goes on sale

I'm looking forward to it!

Details on Dollywink eyelashes etc here

My cheeks are a mix of Peach pink and Marshmallow Purple

I was able to mix the 'Candydoll Purple Highlight'  introduced previously in my blog

so I was pleased with the brightness it gave my skin.

I was happy to read comments like that.

If I mix it on my cheeks the redness goes away, the bluey pink it goes is nice and purple is an indespensible item to me.

Everyone share your beauty secrets too

Candydoll details are here

Look at the How To section on the site
for application tips

And, today my hair was curled with 25mm and 19 mm irons

My lips are with the neon pink Channel given to me by Iga-chan and Candydoll's Macaron Pink on top.

Today hair and makeup was done for me by Iga-chan

The one in my hand is Iga-chan


Thank you for today also.

I'm still continuing the kamikore blog (no idea :S)

I'm hungry


Monday, 21 February 2011

11 sides. Women's edition

The 11 sides I did for WILLCOM's Honey Bee

First the female versions

The first one was the regal Tsubasa Masukawa version

The first image they gave me was doll-like in a one-piece and ribbon!

Well...since it's winter I've usually been wearing my Uniqlo sweat suit at home

I wonder if this year I'll try to wear babydoll's too

Photoshoot start!

And the next one,

A 20 year old female college student

They gave me a casual feel!

The next was...

A 26 year old OL(office lady)

How is it?

It's quite an unusual feel for me

is it okay?

I wore the kind of suit I was told I would probably never wear my whole life!

I felt all tense and excited

It's okay once in a while!

I quite like my hair too!

And the next is

an 18 year old high school student! lol

Here I go!

Ta Da!

H h h h how is it?

I was secretly really pleased. lol


Akimoto Yasashi saaaaaaan!

Letting me into AKB 48...

is.not.gonna.happen.right lol

That's right,. Sorry. lol

Okay the next one!

A 42 year old fashion magazine editor

Full body

The age has gradually increased.

Well, The last one is a private
Tea Ceremony instructor.

Full body

They only did things like draw on wrinkles and did matte lipstick but I changed like this!

By the way, the whole way through my basic make-up didn't change but with things like hair and clothing people can change their image!

It was fun right!


I'll put up the dansou ones finally!

Of the women's version:

which did everyone like?


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Outfits and Monster Hunter

Finally, today's outfit!

Khaki knit outift - Glad News

Dotty shirt - Rodeocrowns

Hat - L.D.S

Knee-high boots - Duras

Bag - Chanel (from Hawaii)

Necklace - Old Chanel


On the way back from Nagoya on the shinkansen

it was Monster Hunter Time!

You can't do it alone though!

I was really serious!

My fingers were cramping!


Kita-chan took the pic of me with such a face but on the other hand it's awesome.

When we arrived at the station...


The WILLCOM Honey Bee poster!

The public's gaze was embarrassing but don't worry about that kind of thing


Another one I took

Passers by went:
"Excuse meee. Are you Tsubasa? Can I please shake your hand"

(I was embarrassed)

I took photos next to it

While I'm worried about people looking,
everyone will definitely take photos right!

And I also have to write a dansou blog right! (posing as a man)

Tomorrow I have a CM photoshoot

I'm nervous!

Is everyone playing Monster Hunter?


Friday, 18 February 2011

Loan outfit and my own clothes

Info on O.A!

19th of February (Saturday)

7pm I'm going to be a guest on

Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (Shimura Ken's Zoo)

TV rarely moves me enough to make me start crying

On the other hand it's embarassing

Wan-chan's feature is so cute!

Last time I watched really moved me.


My loaned outfit:

Skull shirt - GLAD NEWS

Border T-shirt - COPYCAT

Boots - Esperanza

Sheer's really in for this spring right?

And my own outfit that I forgot to post before:

Cardigan - Rodeocrowns

Skirt - Rojita

Jacket - Rodeocrowns

Bag - Vivienne Westwood

Thick tights - S-leg

The pumps are loafer style from Esperanza

Hat - L.D.S

Black glasses - JINSxTsubaba collaboration

I like the shirt x cardigan look that isn't too tomboyish

Later when I went to ISM to get my extensions Jun gave me a souvenir from Hawaii



A Jimmy Choo coin purse

Thank youuuu!

I'll use it

I got my extentions


Later on today I got a mail from Yaki and apparently you can see the 11 Willcom Honey Bee posters at Shibuya station


Has everyone seen it yet?

Tomorrow it's Tokyo Girls' Collection in Nagoya

I wonder if people are going to come play?

Have fun!


Monday, 7 February 2011

I changed my image☆★


It's Sakurina

In my last blog I think you could catch a glimpse of it but,

My hair! It's a pink or wine red colour,

I did it all with extentions.

For the top I got it dyed a milk tea ashy shade

in Amemura, Osaka's Improve as always.


The ash coloured hair is all my own.

I wondered how it'd look straightened out

It two tone without a doubt lol

Even though I died it there were people that advised me not to

From now on you can do various colours, even if you're a kid with black hair you can add colour with extensions.

You can change your image.

These extensions were installed for me at Tokyo's CARRY

By Koyagi-san who's in charge.

CARRY'S colour and extensions variety is really big.

I wasn't sure about the pink but this time they gave me a red-ish style

If you want to know about prices or have questions:


Apparently it's good to say "I saw on Sakurina's blog"

so mention it when you book or whatever.

The current hair style I'm in to

It's like I'm wearing a little hat

The things I do for men...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sequel☆ True colours...



These true colours are...?


He really wanted to join in! lol

Not only that but imposingly!

Even though I wanted to look fierce I had to laugh as well (^_^)

Ah, cute.
(*´Д`*) <3 (Stupid mother)

Oh, I did the photo-shoot properly!

One pants prince KITA-chan of course doesn't have one pair of underpants! lolol
(People that don't know look at my previous blog)


I took a lot right?

Nana-chan was also peeking and the photo-shoot from the side. It was cute.

She'll be a model in the future

She'll definitely become one!


Rion loves Mummy

But sometimes she's hated lol


It the best when everyday is happy.

Dollywink's packaging is restricted (I don't think she actually meant packaging here...o.O)

I'll definitely do Dolly eye

The look with NO.2 and No.6

Love talk

Morning (゜ロ゜

I said but it's already good afternoon. lol

While returning yesterday's comments I noticed it'd become morning >.<

Yesterday I was so sleepy I could die lol


But it was my pleasure to try returning everyone's comments so I'm happy I worked hard to reply.

Today is the love symposiums planning photo-shoot.

It's being called love How's that sound?

With Aina-chan:

There's such a height difference when me and Aina-chan stand next to each other!


After, what would everyone like me to write about in my blog?

I want to have a fun blog so please tell me what you want.

(Some Kanako html fail here >.<)

Why was I called for a circle meeting today?

To soak up the young essence (-_-)


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