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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Suzuki Aya : COCOLULU Photoshoot

Last night somehow me, Romihi and Hi-bou ended up chatting till closing time.

I love that Romihi and Hi-bou really are the kind of people I can talk to about anything.


Right now while I'm rubbing my tired eyes
I'm at the COCOLULU photoshoot .

It goes without saying that I'm wearing COCOLULU clothes.
Just looking you can see we're really pumped!

Next time I see her I'm going to give my nephew Rio some COCOLULU mini clothes
so I can do pair looks with him! lol

It's so bright!

Look at this!

These oddly huge rucksacks go on sale in the New Year
There seem to be quite a few secrets so look forward to that!

They're so big it makes me nervous.

NOTE: As always I'm still studying so my Japanese isn't that great and there may be quite a few mistakes. They're not intentional.

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