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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Super hyped and today's outfit

Good eveniiiiiiiing


I had another talk show for the film

"men's egg drummers"

Thank you everyone for there hard work today as well.

Thank you everyone that came along too.



I get a short break tomorrow!!!!!

I get to go to Enoshima where I've wanted to go for awhile

Finally the sea!

The sea!

T.H.E S.E.A!!!!!

I'm so super hyped up!!!


So awhile ago I went to Lip Service and Mijeen to buy a swimsuit

My friend from high school was working and I got to meet her for the first time in ages which was a bit emotional

Besides that my outfits were super moe too

I bought a bag so that will be the one I pack tomorrow.

At the moment I'm preparing for tomorrow and I'm going for a 40 minute tan at SOLE

My outfit:

Of course I'm wearing my cocolulu shorts that are in heavy rotation at the moment since I like the shape

The hat was 2000 yen from H&M

(I omitted some details about prices and times and the tanning salon SOLE here)

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