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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The other side of the Patly advertisement photoshoot

I'm home! I've attached the photo's from the behind the scenes of the ongoing Palty photoshoots

The new CM is the renewal of Palty's Foam Pack Hair Colour.

I'm appearing with such mature stars as K-Pop idols KARA

However, we shot out photo's on separate days so we couldn't meet (>.<)


Feeling like this I did my photoshoot alone

The outfit is from Rojita, the same as on the package

Fixing my make-up and outfit

Considering this like the angle of the foam's look, the speed of turning, and facial movements made this quite a sensitive job,

Now perform!

I wonder if this scene in the CM has been seen?

We also shot a version with a cape

And finally we shot putting the foam on my head, which went without a hitch!

For the final hair and make-up my hair was washed for me by KITAchan

I was floating lol

The original beautician KITAchan!

He was skilled at shampooing lol

Ahhh, refreshing

Thank you so much everyone!

The one enjoying colouring your hair at home will be YOU!
Definitely have fun creating spring looks with the Palty foam pack series.

It's light and airy right?

People who haven't seen the CM yet can watch online


Watch the Palty CM on your PC from here

From today it's April

Is it only me that's excited?



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