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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Blackout preparation

All these continuing aftershocks and worried chainmails...

ther's nothing that can be done.

For now, I've returned from finishing the

food reserves and torches in case of power outage.

It was amazing how the bread ran out right.

I watched the press conference but in the end I'm thinking what should I do?

It's good to be safe isn't it?

Of course things like disaster too but, man made dangers are particularly scary for girls so

try not to go outside alone.

Do thing like fill the bath tub with water for when reserves run out.

Just in case, don't go out in bare feet or slippers

Try not to go out in thick shoes with no heels...

Also consider there might be a time when you can't use your mobile phones and

prepare a meeting point in advance right.

There are many things to be unsure of.

Truly how many times have I been saved by receiving comments.

Clearly it's better to connect with people and not be alone I think, and my feelings have been eased.

Thank you very much.

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