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Sunday, 2 January 2011

A HAPPY NEW YEAR - - - ☆★☆

Happy New Year

It's Sakurina.

So auspicious (I think.....who can tell with this girl ¬¬)

Once again here's an offshoot from the New Year kimono shoot for ageha


Though I said kimono photoshoot this was what was prepared.

I was in a bit of a hurry but it's a lot easier to put on than a kimono.

It has the feeling of a wedding dress.

It's so cute I thought it might be nice to wear something like it at my real wedding ceremony.

Well then, The New year, New year's gift quiz!!!!!

This times nails has 9 nails the same.

Only 1 has a different design.

Which finger is it?

1) The little finger of the right hand
2) The ring finger of the left hand
3) The index finger of the right hand
4) The middle finger of the left hand
5) The ring finger of the right hand

Answer with the number.

I'll pick comments from 5 people among those who got it right so choose for me.

People who were ill last year, get better this year! People who were well last year have an even better year this year.

Everyone try to have an awesome year!

A big thank you today too to everyone who looked at my blog

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