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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sleep! Alcohol! New Year lol


Because it's New Year I dressed up


After waking up I drank alcohol in a warm room so I feel asleep again >.<


I'm a seriously hopeless human being

I ate New Year food

This much New Year food was delicious of course.

So much so I thought my father would come into the living room.

Good snacks with alcohol right?

I was merry

then my mother went out to the local izakaya


It's like our family only spends money on alcohol

The only upright one is my older brother


My mum didn't come back home for ages so I assumed she was running away from home. I went to bed.

harsh (lol)

She came back late at night.

I have work from tomorrow

I'll work hard

Akan got a candid shot of me reading an old egg


baichi ーー♪

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