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Monday, 3 January 2011

Max Color


A message from Max Color

Max Color super big campain

Try looking before the site limit on the 31st January!


Set 1: 5980 yen --->4980 yen
Calender featuring the models of this series included

2 colour set: 11960 yen ---> 7980 yen
3 colour set: 17940 yen ---> 10000 yen
With either the two colour of 3 colour set you get Aya, Kanako, Rui-Rui and my calendar included

More in-depth detail on the site so take a look!

All the calenders are really good and there's a nice feeling!
Use it use it!

By the way, mine:

Home page: Max Color

Our calenders are the best for 2011! lol


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