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Sunday, 16 January 2011

With Momoeri


It's Sakurina

It's true

All of it

I forgot!

My look from when me
and Moery had an event in Okinawa.

Because I hadn't seen Moery in ages it was fun

When we met up we had loads of stories to tell so we went to a place away form our managers

We were very sneaky and had Girl's talk.

Thankfully lots of guests came so I was super happy.

I really liked Okinawa so I want to visit again.

So, today I had two business meetings from the afternoon.

The evening meeting was dinner as well so

I had to drink a bit

Of course I wore a jacket once I went out.

And, I returned now and tomorrow I have a photo-shoot in Osaka

I think I'll sleep for just a bit.

In my next blog I'll do Big Up Comments

Ah, I still don't know the feeling of having wisdom teeth (this is a pun)

My gums are swelling up as they like

But, in the dentist's experience he's never has anything like it so

honestly I'm quite nervous.

So, I'll just take a quick bath.

Thanks for reading my blog today

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