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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Thank you everyone for going out of your way to leave Rion congratulatory birthday comments!

I let Rion know!

I still can't be relaxed everyday but, day by day, carefully, let's find happiness right?

Thank you everyone!

Well, On the 11th I had my Mama-chan job so on the 9th and 10th I went out.

The cherry had bloomed just right so I went for a stroll at the temple to view the flowers.

It's super pretty

The petals were dancing too

There were so many flowers

Has spring arrived?

And we played in the park ~

This park is apparently one where children's dreams can become reality

Rion was in hight spirits too and got covered in dirt

Mama's dead.

I have bubbles-!

It seems he's growing up well

He lent it to Mama

Kya- kya-

We hit the bubbles and said

"I was, was decieved (-_-;)"

he arranged we had to act out. lol

By the way, did you notice we're wearing couple's outfits?

Mama's outfit

Gingham check shirt ... Ameapa

Cardigan... L.D.S x Tsubasa




Glasses...JINS x Tsubasa



Under t-shirt...Pole Frank


Matching with Rion makes me happy

There were lot's of other handmade play equipment

I wonder how they're connected up?


Hardworking Rion!

There was a dog too!

I really want to continue to see him grow up first hand

I wonder if everyone saw the cherry blossom?

People who haven't seen it yet will have been conveyed spring from this blog and be happy right?

Tsubasa (・x・)

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