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Friday, 1 July 2011

Candy Magic has come out


It's Sakurina

Today I have some happy news for everyone

Finally, finally....!!!

The colour contacts I produce through candy magic

are now on sale in 3 variations

On top of that there's an adult style King series

on sale in Brown, Grey and Black

Because I received so many comments from everyone

saying they wanted me to quickly make King varieties

I'm happy that they're finally on sale

With these, even if you have poor eyesight you can wear King contact lenses

I'm also wearing Candy Magic today

As expected these ones suit me best

People that want them can buy them from here

From here

Also they from next month they will go on sale

at all Donkis

Try going to your closest Doki!

Oh and I was wondering about going to Camelot with Sayaka soon

Big thank you for reading my blog today!!

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