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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Melodix song recording☆ MilkyBunny site is open!

Milky Bunny

I did the Melodix song recording and talk

The waiting room had been transformed into a MilkyBunny room


This room full of ears is too cute!!!

On this day the MilkBoys also had ears on

Cute right?

They suit everyone


This is Takamichi-kun who can chat at his best even wearing bunny ears

I don't know what he's talking about though

I also talked to Minamikyan-chan

We danced the BunnyDays furi together so everyone please memorise it

Please may you all support MilkyBunny too lol

Thank you so much

O.A is on

23rd July

On this month's Melodix
Tokyo Television
Late night 3.15

This MilkyBunny outfit was all monotone

The often asked about ears and apron are stylish and handmade

The gloves that show off my nails are a remake product (like DIY)

I have so much love for this outfit

The pumps are from R&E

The outfit's cute right?

You can come across cute things on Pigg too

Ah! And,

I made a pigg yesterday
I'm really pleased the MilkyBunny plaza is shown as full up too

Thank you!

Stylish people should try coming to play. lol

MilkyBunny will be appearing on Pigg more and more

Look forward to it



Finally, the MilkyBunny official site has opened

The URL is

PC > MilkyBunny Official Site PC
Mobile phone > MilkyBunny Official Site Keitai

You can find out the latest MilkyBunny infromation and details on handshake events so you should definately bookmark it!


It's only a week till the 20th!!!

MB Tsubasa

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