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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The jist of today's posts

Okay I've been a bit lazy with the blog lately since I have a lot of stuff to sort out with going Japan and stuff so this post I'm just gonna try something different. I'm just gonna give the kist of the blog posts. Sorry if that's no good. 


She's added another handshake event to the schedule as fans requested her to. It's at SBY in 109 on the 22nd of July from 10am -2 pm for 500 people

Also a reminder that her CD comes out tomorrow


She wants to know if you guys watched Galten (you should do it's funny). She also talks about her new
chrome hearts glasses For about 5 years she's been wearing Prada ones and she really wanted these ones. She wears them for long distances.


Romihi talked about Marble Collection (a fashion show she did with the Galten girls) and posted a lot of pictures of it. Apparently the clothes are from JSG. She says the ribbon at the back is cute. Her makeup for the show was quite strong..but then again it's always strong lol She says she loves being flashy.

I will keep doing it the other way to guys. Just when I'm short on time this is easier and you still get to know what's up with their lives ^^

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