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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Outfits and Monster Hunter

Finally, today's outfit!

Khaki knit outift - Glad News

Dotty shirt - Rodeocrowns

Hat - L.D.S

Knee-high boots - Duras

Bag - Chanel (from Hawaii)

Necklace - Old Chanel


On the way back from Nagoya on the shinkansen

it was Monster Hunter Time!

You can't do it alone though!

I was really serious!

My fingers were cramping!


Kita-chan took the pic of me with such a face but on the other hand it's awesome.

When we arrived at the station...


The WILLCOM Honey Bee poster!

The public's gaze was embarrassing but don't worry about that kind of thing


Another one I took

Passers by went:
"Excuse meee. Are you Tsubasa? Can I please shake your hand"

(I was embarrassed)

I took photos next to it

While I'm worried about people looking,
everyone will definitely take photos right!

And I also have to write a dansou blog right! (posing as a man)

Tomorrow I have a CM photoshoot

I'm nervous!

Is everyone playing Monster Hunter?


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  1. This blog it's a great idea!!
    Thanks for translations ❤


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