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Friday, 18 February 2011

Loan outfit and my own clothes

Info on O.A!

19th of February (Saturday)

7pm I'm going to be a guest on

Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (Shimura Ken's Zoo)

TV rarely moves me enough to make me start crying

On the other hand it's embarassing

Wan-chan's feature is so cute!

Last time I watched really moved me.


My loaned outfit:

Skull shirt - GLAD NEWS

Border T-shirt - COPYCAT

Boots - Esperanza

Sheer's really in for this spring right?

And my own outfit that I forgot to post before:

Cardigan - Rodeocrowns

Skirt - Rojita

Jacket - Rodeocrowns

Bag - Vivienne Westwood

Thick tights - S-leg

The pumps are loafer style from Esperanza

Hat - L.D.S

Black glasses - JINSxTsubaba collaboration

I like the shirt x cardigan look that isn't too tomboyish

Later when I went to ISM to get my extensions Jun gave me a souvenir from Hawaii



A Jimmy Choo coin purse

Thank youuuu!

I'll use it

I got my extentions


Later on today I got a mail from Yaki and apparently you can see the 11 Willcom Honey Bee posters at Shibuya station


Has everyone seen it yet?

Tomorrow it's Tokyo Girls' Collection in Nagoya

I wonder if people are going to come play?

Have fun!


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