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Monday, 7 February 2011

I changed my image☆★


It's Sakurina

In my last blog I think you could catch a glimpse of it but,

My hair! It's a pink or wine red colour,

I did it all with extentions.

For the top I got it dyed a milk tea ashy shade

in Amemura, Osaka's Improve as always.


The ash coloured hair is all my own.

I wondered how it'd look straightened out

It two tone without a doubt lol

Even though I died it there were people that advised me not to

From now on you can do various colours, even if you're a kid with black hair you can add colour with extensions.

You can change your image.

These extensions were installed for me at Tokyo's CARRY

By Koyagi-san who's in charge.

CARRY'S colour and extensions variety is really big.

I wasn't sure about the pink but this time they gave me a red-ish style

If you want to know about prices or have questions:


Apparently it's good to say "I saw on Sakurina's blog"

so mention it when you book or whatever.

The current hair style I'm in to

It's like I'm wearing a little hat

The things I do for men...

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  1. thank you for translating this <3


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