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Monday, 21 February 2011

11 sides. Women's edition

The 11 sides I did for WILLCOM's Honey Bee

First the female versions

The first one was the regal Tsubasa Masukawa version

The first image they gave me was doll-like in a one-piece and ribbon!

Well...since it's winter I've usually been wearing my Uniqlo sweat suit at home

I wonder if this year I'll try to wear babydoll's too

Photoshoot start!

And the next one,

A 20 year old female college student

They gave me a casual feel!

The next was...

A 26 year old OL(office lady)

How is it?

It's quite an unusual feel for me

is it okay?

I wore the kind of suit I was told I would probably never wear my whole life!

I felt all tense and excited

It's okay once in a while!

I quite like my hair too!

And the next is

an 18 year old high school student! lol

Here I go!

Ta Da!

H h h h how is it?

I was secretly really pleased. lol


Akimoto Yasashi saaaaaaan!

Letting me into AKB 48...

is.not.gonna.happen.right lol

That's right,. Sorry. lol

Okay the next one!

A 42 year old fashion magazine editor

Full body

The age has gradually increased.

Well, The last one is a private
Tea Ceremony instructor.

Full body

They only did things like draw on wrinkles and did matte lipstick but I changed like this!

By the way, the whole way through my basic make-up didn't change but with things like hair and clothing people can change their image!

It was fun right!


I'll put up the dansou ones finally!

Of the women's version:

which did everyone like?


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