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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Love talk

Morning (゜ロ゜

I said but it's already good afternoon. lol

While returning yesterday's comments I noticed it'd become morning >.<

Yesterday I was so sleepy I could die lol


But it was my pleasure to try returning everyone's comments so I'm happy I worked hard to reply.

Today is the love symposiums planning photo-shoot.

It's being called love How's that sound?

With Aina-chan:

There's such a height difference when me and Aina-chan stand next to each other!


After, what would everyone like me to write about in my blog?

I want to have a fun blog so please tell me what you want.

(Some Kanako html fail here >.<)

Why was I called for a circle meeting today?

To soak up the young essence (-_-)



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