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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sequel☆ True colours...



These true colours are...?


He really wanted to join in! lol

Not only that but imposingly!

Even though I wanted to look fierce I had to laugh as well (^_^)

Ah, cute.
(*´Д`*) <3 (Stupid mother)

Oh, I did the photo-shoot properly!

One pants prince KITA-chan of course doesn't have one pair of underpants! lolol
(People that don't know look at my previous blog)


I took a lot right?

Nana-chan was also peeking and the photo-shoot from the side. It was cute.

She'll be a model in the future

She'll definitely become one!


Rion loves Mummy

But sometimes she's hated lol


It the best when everyday is happy.

Dollywink's packaging is restricted (I don't think she actually meant packaging here...o.O)

I'll definitely do Dolly eye

The look with NO.2 and No.6

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