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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

eye make

I drew on my lower liner so,
it looks a bit stronger than usual

I'm going for a circular eye shape and this is without false eyelashes or eyeliner in the upper corners

The eyeshadow is Dollywink's brown cream shade put under my eye.

There's no shadow above

For the eyeliner, the top is pencil followed by liquid

The bottom line is pencil from the corner till about the middle

It's been a long time for me since I drew with eyeliner so I also wasn't really sure lol

I swapped between Dollywink's long and volume mascara's for the top and bottom coats.

Last time I curled my lashed I didn't need it this time

For the finishing touch I put some Candydoll lame on with a thinnish brush

Of course the base was done with Candydoll

The colour contacts are the Almond Angelcolour Bambi's that I produce.

Also the colour contact's license just came through so they'l go on sale soon if you wait a bit

Keep up your maintenance properly and look after them when you use them please.

If you handle them properly you eyesight should be fine

By the way, my eyesight isn't failing

For Spring/Summer I want to try using colour eyeshadow


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