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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The CD I'm listening to a lot lately

A little while ago I received m-flo's cover album

that will go on sale tomorrow

"m-flo TRIBUTE~stitch the future and past~"

Thank you so much!!

I like m-flo so much I often sing their songs at karaoke

I've been listening to this a lot in the car

Lately, I've been singing the song "been so long"
by AILI who also was involved in the
wearetheone donation project

You can listen to it here on youtube

It a very good song so everyone  definitely try listening to it please!

More details are on m-flo's HP
m-flo's Hp

I'll also post AILI's HP

My friend IMALU also sings on this album

Everyone's so cool

By the way, the wearetheone donation project began in January,
Now it's raised 15,792,110 yen in donations! Thank you!

wearetheone donation project

We are currently discussing if we can collect donations in the street too so,

when that's decided I lok forward to everyone helping out

Which m-flo songs does everyone like?

For me as expected it's
one's like "come again",
"let go"
that I sing at karaoke


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