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Friday, 15 April 2011

Daddy's meal

The Dad who was totally incapable of using kitchen knives or a stove.

Apparently he's been doing cooking homework and recently is making various meals

Today's was shrimp gratin

It's not just the gratin there, it's with a rushed garlic and egg consommé soup

And boiled pork and leak

which were made by me.

The gratin was super tasty.

Rion also gobbled it down.

Thanks for the meal

It was a bit dubious in places but, lol

Challenging something is a good thing right!

Even if he can only make scallop butter,

what do I do when he can cook better than me? lol

I wonder if everyone has something to challenge this spring??

Me and Rion want to learn English

Someone teach us English

Tsubasa (・x・)

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