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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Puri with Shizuka


It's Sakurina

Today I only had business meetings so

in the evening when I got home I relaxed

Or rather, before I knew it I was asleep at about 3 lol

I'm glad I took my makeup off as soon as I came home.

I hear sleeping with your makeup still on is the worst for your skin

Ah, the puri from when I went shopping with Shizuka the other day

It seems it's always Shizuka I play with in Shibuya

The pattern is always: shop at 109, eat dinner, say goodbye.

By the way this month  have no more photoshoots so I can't see Shizuka for awhile


Ah but next month's issue of Ageha is coming out

The contents are still a secret but...

Previously, this month's issue's first page's had a phone picture but

It was too much of a close up on the face and the outfit and hair weren't photographed at all but

actually, everyone I wore a goth chick outfit

The face looks like Babu chan and

I have a ribbon tied at my throat but

none of theis was

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