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Friday, 22 April 2011

With Buramayo. Outfit

Yesterday I was filming

with the MC Buramayo:

We look all off each doing rock, paper, scissors lol

Another one

bara bara lol

I was able to make friends with Buramayo on another regular show we did together.

He's a really interesting good older brother (they're not actually related)

I definitely want to eat with Buramayo, NONSTYLE and Zekiyama again. lol

It's broadcast in May so I'll post about it again nearer the time!

Ah dishevelled manager!

And my outfit that day

T-shirt - Emoda

Necklace - Vivian

Jacket - Closet Child (a resale shop in Harajuku)

Socks - S-leg (My brand)

Pumps - REZOY

The rest are the stylist's things

We talked about scary women and when it came to Kosugi-san I mumbled and so on

I'm looking forward to scary women from all over the world coming out.

Scary women...


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