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Thursday, 14 April 2011

My hair's almost black

I'm happy that you like S-leg

Thank you!

By the way, today Rion is also wearing S-leg

It looks like he's wearing sneakers

There are also people saying they want men's ones

I also want to make them but, as expected, I was worried about weather there would be interest from men

So? Are men's sock important too?

I wonder if I'd better make them?

Let me know!


The other day I dyed my hair

After I washed it because the old colour was light it faded a bit



once again Upsydaisy's Nori gave me an image change!


It's so dark it's almost black compared to last time

I also had orange put in.

I wonder about getting like 100 extensions

It is quite noticeable and wig like so
to thin it out I got layers put in.

Quite wine red hair

My bangs are poofy

Things like the campaign are on Upsydaisy's HP

Try looking at it


It's straight ahead on the road between CHANEL and Dior



It's been awhile since I've liked my hair so much

I wonder what you think?

I wonder if everyone noticed

Image change Image change

Tsubasa (・x・)

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