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Friday, 15 April 2011

Stuff I bought

Things I bought recently at 109


I like these!

It seems summer cardigans will get a lot of wear too.


These one-pieces are cute

Dazzlin' is good at cute styles

My hair is dark now but I wonder if it'll go together

I'm nervous

Next up,
For the first time I went to a shop to play
Ank Rouge

It's the brand Okarie-chan made so I wanted to go and play

There was lot's of doll-like things and the one-pieces were cute!

After, from Daikan's Ameaba

matching with Rion

Tsurube likes it too and said "I wonder if I should go and buy some for my grandchild"

After that, skirts

I bought a lot in different colours

Finally, hair accessories

I hear it will suit dark hair too

I'm happy my image change is liked

Thank you!

I wonder if it's popular??

Well, it certainly won't be popular with guys but I'll be happy if girls say they like it!

Thanks always

I also really like it

Spring clothes are fun right?

What style is everyone wearing??


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  1. Thank you for participating to my giveaway ~  ~ ♥ ♥ ^---^

    OMG I LOOOVE Okarie ♥ ♥ I sooo wanna order something from Ank Rouge next time haha XDD ♥

    Cute blog ~ ~ ♥


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